In-Home & On-Site Physiotherapy & Kinesiology Programs

Convenient therapy delivered to you

Hospital Discharge Program

Have you or a family member been recently discharged from the hospital post surgery, major car accident, fall or trauma? We can begin therapy in your home to help you improve your range of motion, mobility, strength and decrease your pain.

Acute Pain Program

Are you dealing with an acute onset of pain that is making it difficult for you to attend a clinic? We can come to you, assess the issue in your home or workplace and get you started on rehab to improve your mobility and decrease your pain. 

Neurodegenerative Maintenance Program

Do you have a neurodegenerative condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or ALS? We understand the fatigue and mobility impairments that accompany these conditions. Regular in-home mobility and gentle strength training with a rehab professional can assist in maintaining function and decreasing the side effects of these conditions.  


Chronic Pain Program

All of our therapists’ are trained to work from a biopsychosocial lens and take a holistic, person centered approach to working with pain.  We can work with you in your home or workplace to ensure easy access to the physio you need.