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Who We Are

Core Connection Mobile Physiotherapy is a unique and innovative mobile rehabilitation company with a vision of providing accessible physiotherapy & kinesiology to Southern Vancouver Island. Our passion is delivering preventative healthcare programs within individuals’ homes with the goal of reducing the burden on the public healthcare system

What We Deliver

Accessible care: Our goal is to serve those who have difficulty leaving their home for rehabilitation services. We cater to those individuals who have traumatic injuries, ongoing mobility impairments, time constraints, newborn babies or young children, issues with childcare and/or mental health concerns. We are working hard to build a financially accessible, non-profit sister company in 2024. 

Preventative Care: our programs are designed to educate on and prevent physical dysfunction with the goal of reducing the burden on the public system.

Comprehensive care:  Getting out of the traditional pressures of a brick and mortar clinic environment allows us to spend the time with clients who need to be seen, heard and supported in their recovery.

Individualized care:  Clients allowing us access into their home environment gives us the unique perspective into how their rehabilitation plan can fit effectively and appropriately into their day to day lives and activities.

Learn About Our Local Social Initiative

“Every Baby Born”

 For every client we see in our Perinatal Pelvic Health Program at  least 1x prenatally and 2x in the postpartum period, we donate $50 in their baby’s honour to the Victoria Best Babies. VBB is a non-profit perinatal nutrition program for low income families. 


Our Team Values

Our Team Members



Lauren is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and comes from a competitive sports background. She grew up playing a wide variety of sports and went on to compete as a lightweight rower on the varsity women’s rowing team at UBC.  She continues to stay fit and healthy through her love of hiking, running, weight training, yoga, pilates, tennis and everything outdoors!

Lauren has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from the University of British Columbia in addition to her Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto.  She is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Acupuncture provider. She is certified by Titlelist Golf Performance Institute and uses Yoga Physio in her practice.

Lauren’s extensive post graduate training gives her specific expertise in chronic low back pain, hip and pelvic pain, pre and post natal rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. Her unique skill set allows her to treat you from a multi-dimensional, well-rounded and holistic approach. Lauren is a trauma informed practitioner and has experience working with individuals who have complex medical histories.

Lauren is an active member of the Victoria community. She participates in various recreational sports teams and sits on the board of the Victoria Chapter of the Women in Leadership Foundation.

JAN PLUMB (She/her)


Jan was involved in a variety of sports growing up, and spent several years working as a recreational gymnastics coach during high school and university.  Her involvement in sports, and recovery from a few injuries, eventually led her to pursue a career in rehabilitation.  

Jan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2002.  She has attended several post graduate educational courses to further her knowledge in the assessment and treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.  In 2011 she completed additional training and began working as a pelvic health therapist.  She has experience working with clients to address incontinence, prolapse, painful intercourse, persistent low back or pelvic girdle pain, in addition to pre and post natal rehabilitation.  

Jan’s experience in orthopedics as well as pelvic health allows her to take a well rounded and insightful approach to treatment.  She aims to guide and empower clients in their own recovery, working towards goals that are meaningful to them.

Jan has worked in clinics in Alberta and British Columbia, with the majority of her career spent in the Victoria area.  Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, sewing, camping, and exploring the outdoors with her family.



Robyn is a kind, compassionate and empathetic physiotherapist who really values client centred care. She believes in deeply listening to and collaborating with each individual throughout the therapeutic relationship. She passionately strives to empower clients to return to the activities they love and daily tasks/goals that are meaningful to them.

Robyn completed her Masters in Physical Therapy at UBC in 2013. Since then she has practiced in a number of private orthopaedic clinics in Vancouver and Victoria as well as providing home visits across the mainland and acted as a clinical director for the Special Olympics of BC. She has taken additional training in a number of orthopaedic courses, acupuncture, IMS, clinical pilates and pelvic floor health. Robyn is very passionate about integrating her experience in orthopaedic practice, pilates and pelvic health in a well rounded, trauma informed way that keeps the clients experience at the forefront.

Robyn has always valued an active lifestyle at every stage of life. She has avidly participated in many different sporting activities including rock climbing, rowing, triathlon, swimming, dance, yoga and pilates. Currently Robyn is deepening her love for exploring our beautiful backyard in BC and most weekends you can find her hiking, trekking, skiing, climbing and occasionally surfing.



Riddhi is an empathetic, passionate, and optimistic clinician with over ten years of experience in healthcare. She is a dedicated professional and believes in continuous learning to stay updated with current knowledge and to be able to deliver quality patient care. 

Riddhi completed her Bachelors of Physiotherapy in 2011 and a yoga teacher training course in 2014 from India. She was an active member of the sports team throughout college and received the best bowler award in an intercollege cricket tournament.

While caring for her 18 month old baby boy, Riddhi recently completed a Masters in Health Management from Mc Master University in July 2022 while working as a full-time Physiotherapist with Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Her continuing education involves post-op rehab, soft tissue injury intervention, tapping, neurodevelopmental therapy, mobilization with movement, mental health and wellness, concussion prevention, detection and management, and combined movement analysis.

Riddhi’s extensive post-grad education allows her to treat populations from pediatrics to geriatrics. Her exceptional skills enable her to bring a holistic approach to treating rotator cuff injuries, spraind, strains, acute amd chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic pain conditions, and post-op rehabilitation. She utilizes a combination of physio yoga, manual therapy, exercises and pain management in her practice

SARAH VILA (She/her)


Sarah is a certified athletic therapist and personal trainer. While she has a history of working with athletes, Sarah has developed a passion for making therapy more accessible to those who really need it. Sarah focuses on restoring quality of life and functional independence while prioritizing each client’s personal goals when developing treatment plans.

Sarah was a competitive speed skater and now coaches at a local club. She also spends weekends covering hockey games. When not in the rink, Sarah likes to hike, bike or take long walks by the ocean.



For over 15 years Sarah has been training clients at their homes and in fitness studios across London (England), Hong Kong, Perth (Australia) and most recently in North Vancouver. Sarah and family moved to Victoria in 2020 to be closer to family and to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle Vancouver island has to offer. It was Sarah’s dream to have her own home studio and has created her ultimate space located in beautiful Cordova Bay. Her studio is full of natural light and surrounded by the forest.

Sarah is a Master Personal Trainer, Stott and Polestar Trained Pilates Instructor, and a Pre and Post Natal Specialist. Sarah is also certified in TRX, Barre and uses all of her experience and tools to craft bespoke sessions for my clients. Sarah loves helping people move better and will improve your Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Posture, and Core Control whatever your fitness or lifestyle goals happen to be. Sarah is so excited to be working alongside Lauren and the wonderful team at Core Connection Physio.



Sydney is a recent graduate of UVic with a BSc in Chemistry focused in Medical Sciences. Her extensive knowledge on human anatomy, biology and osteology makes her well versed when communicating with clients, and guarantees specific scheduling needs are met.  Sydney loves the outdoors and when she is not working you can find her hiking or conducting research in the lab about the implantation of non-toxic artificial joints.



Samantha recently graduated from Cornell University with a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on international organizations. For the last several years, she has been working as a litigation paralegal for complex and catastrophic injury cases in the United States, which has equipped her with an understanding of both the legal and medical aspects of injuries as well as the unique nature of each person’s injury and path to healing. Samantha enjoys training her dogs and hiking with her husband in her free time.


Core Connection welcomes, accepts, celebrates, encourages, respects and loves everyone.
All staff have undergone service provider gender diversity training through Transcare BC.